Introducing the Coag-Sense™ PT/INR Monitoring System. The first PT/INR system to directly detect clot formation representing a breakthrough in PT/INR testing design simplicity!

Two million new people start taking the oral anticoagulant drug Coumadin® (warfarin) every year to prevent blood clots, heart attacks and stroke. Correct dosing of Coumadin is determined for each patient by periodically measuring blood clotting time using the prothrombin time (PT) test. The simplicity of the new Coag-Sense system offers clinicians not only the performance they require but also the reliability they demand. With the recent expansion in Medicare coverage, most patients on warfarin can now easily test their PT/INR with confidence in their own home.

The Coag-Sense System is available exclusively through a network of qualified distributors. Call 1-866-903-0890 for ordering information.


Intended Use- The Coag-Sense Self-Test PT Monitoring System is an in vitro diagnostic device that provides quantitative prothrombin time (PT) results, expressed in seconds and international normalized ratio (INR) units. It uses fresh capillary whole blood. It is intended for use by properly selected and suitably trained patients or their caregivers on the order of the treating doctor. Patients should be stabilized on warfarin-type (coumarin) anticoagulation therapy prior to self-testing with the Coag-Sense Self-Test PT Monitoring System. It is not intended to be used for screening purposes.